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How to Deal With the Sweet Crisis?

Reasons for Entering a Sweet Crisis There may be many reasons for the desire to eat chocolate or excessively sweet foods called sweet crises. The main thing is your body’s addiction to sugar. When you constantly eat sweet foods, you become addicted to sugar, such as addiction to smoking or alcohol. Another important reason of the sweet crisis …


How should we eat in the winter season

With the end of the summer season, the human body becomes more vulnerable to diseases due to the unbalanced distribution of air temperatures during the transition to the winter season, facilitating the proliferation of various microorganisms, and increasing human interactions and physical contacts due to individuals returning to work from vacation. Similarly, weight increases can be …


Herbal Tea for Weight Loss

We want a fit body when we look in the mirror. However, it is not easy to get rid of our excess weight. In this article, I will share herbal teas that you can easily prepare at home. However, let’s not forget that consuming high-calorie foods and drinking these herbal teas will not mean anything. Herbal tea can be …

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What Is Kefir? What Are Its Benefits?

Kefir is a probiotic dairy product originating from the North Caucasus. It is the product of a tradition that has been going on for centuries. Probiotic foods facilitate digestion by increasing the activity of beneficial microorganisms in the intestine and also contribute to healthy life by increasing the body resistance with its antioxidant feature. Kefir is a …