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Web Based Decision Support Systems

TO DECIDE When we look from the past to the present, it is seen that human beings are in a “decision making” state in many stages of their lives. Each decision to be made may have a desired result, or it may confront the decision maker with undesirable situations. For this reason, the decision making process must …


Cloud computing

All of the applications, programs and data we have are stored in a virtual server, that is, in the cloud and in any environment where we are connected to the internet, all of the services that we can easily access this information, data, programs are called Cloud Computing. Cloud technology companies, universities, etc. It is established …


The Effects of Technology on Our Life

According to known dates, the first foundations of technology BC. It was thrown in Mesapotamia in the 3000s. He went west from here. The Alexandria library was the first science center of the period. In the middle ages, the progress of science stopped by burning the library. Later, with the spread of Islam, science revived. It flourished and spread for 600 …